Dua Lipa And Anwar Hadid Show Off New ‘Tiny Best Friend’

Dua Lipa and her boyfriend Anwar Hadid have adopted a black rescue puppy named Dexter.

Lipa shared photos of Dexter on social media, describing him as their “tiny bestfriend.”

“Thank you @thelabellefoundation HE’S PERFECT,” the singer-songwriter added, expressing her gratitude to the Los Angeles-based animal rescue organization from where Dexter was adopted.

Hadid, who is three years younger than the pop star, also shared photos of the canine on his Instagram page.

“Our spirit companion came to us with a big number 7 on his chest.. some things are meant 2 be!!!!!!!! BIIG DEX,” he wrote, referring to the pet’s white patch of fur.

Hadid, who is a model, is the brother of superstar fashion models Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid.

The couple was first spotted together in public in the summer of 2019.

(Photo: Hugo Comte)

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