Duchess Kate didn’t actually make a speech at ‘Royal Carols: Together at Christmas’

On Wednesday, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended Royal Carols: Together At Christmas, the event which was nominally “created” by Kate. In the wake of Prince William’s sh-t fit about The Princes and the Press, we were told that Kate had an idea for a Christmas carol special and the Cambridges were so mad at the BBC, they were taking their special away from the BBC and giving it to ITV. The special had not been announced – or planned – before that moment two-and-a-half weeks ago. ITV quickly agreed to air Kate’s special, and BBC Studios was always on board to produce it (the entire time).

It was pulled together very quickly, which surprised me considering Kate coasted on her “garden” project for a full year, and her five-question survey was disastrous, half-assed busywork. Competent professionals organized Together at Christmas, which is how you know Kate and her Kensington Palace team probably weren’t part of it. She was just looking for “something” to make her look Meghan-esque, so this was organized around her. All she had to do was show up in a Christmas dress, toss her sausage curls, loudly guffaw for no reason and give a little speech. I mean, it’s HER thing, right? That was the whole reason for all of this, to give Kate a thing and to give her credit for something, right? Well, despite all of the advanced promotion, Kate did NOT speak. She didn’t even do a pretaped message or anything like that. There was a message “from Kate” printed in the program, but she couldn’t be bothered to actually get up there and say the words, despite the press being briefed that she would be part of the introduction.

What happened? Was she too lazy to make a speech? Did she refuse to go up the podium? Or was it something else? A Daily Mail correspondent theorized on Mail Confidential that Kate didn’t make a speech because she didn’t want to pull attention from anyone else, UNLIKE MEGHAN. The bar is already set so low for Kate, I thought she would be able to do that one thing: make a little speech on the televised Christmas carol special she “organized.” But no. She couldn’t be bothered.

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