Duchess Kate sent out the formal ‘invitations’ to her keen Christmas special

A week ago, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were throwing a giant tantrum about the BBC documentary The Princes and the Press. Threats were being issued, fists were being balled in rage, royal households were in a tizzy. It was all very melodramatic. As part of the fallout from Part 1 of the documentary, William and Kate made a huge deal about how they were “removing” their Christmas special from the BBC and giving the special to ITV as an explicitly punitive measure. As it turns out, the BBC had already rejected airing the special because the network already had their own Christmas programming. Hilariously, BBC Studios still plans to produce the Keen Christmas Jazz Hands special, even though the special will air on ITV.

One of the funniest parts of the Cambridges’ tantrum is that the details of the special hadn’t even been worked out, and the Jazz Hands special had not even been organized or announced. Because that’s how half-assed William and Kate are, they do everything at the last minute. Well, over the past week, Kensington Palace’s keen elves worked it out and so now we’re getting the formal announcement for the Christmas special.

The Duchess of Cambridge, who last year starred alongside Mary Berry in a Christmas cookery spectacular, will this year host a Christmas carol service at Westminster Abbey.

The event which has just been announced will take place on Wednesday 8 December and be supported by Prince William and Kate’s Royal Foundation in an effort to celebrate the ‘incredible work of individuals and organisations across the nation who have stepped up to support their communities through the pandemic.’ The event, as rumoured, will also be broadcast by ITV as part of a special programme in December.

Spearheaded by the duchess, the event will reportedly be a ‘celebration of life in our communities, and illustrate how acts of kindness, empathy and love can nurture and reconnect us’. The service, like the very best of London’s carol services, will be formed of carols, readings and musical performances – a blend of the traditional and the new. The celebrated, spine-tingling Westminster Abbey choir will be the musical force behind the event.

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The Cambridges also posted a hilarious Instagram shot of the “invitation” to the Christmas Jazz Hands special… with a pen. Like Kate was diligently writing out the invitations herself. OMG, is Kate trying to convince people that she can also do professional-style calligraphy, like Meghan? My word, that is quite a thought.


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