Elton John didn’t want to tone down sex and drugs in ‘Rocketman’

Elton John stood firm that sex and drugs must be included in the upcoming biopic “Rocketman.”

“Some studios wanted to tone down the sex and drugs so the film would get a PG-13 rating. But I just haven’t led a PG-13 rated life,” John wrote of the film taking years to make in a Guardian essay published Sunday. “I didn’t want a film packed with drugs and sex, but equally, everyone knows I had quite a lot of both during the ’70s and ’80s, so there didn’t seem to be much point in making a movie that implied that after every gig, I’d quietly gone back to my hotel room with only a glass of warm milk and the Gideon’s Bible for company.”

The 72-year-old also wrote it was important to him to keep the fantasy elements in the movie as well, despite studio protest.

“That was missing the point,” John wrote. “I lived in my own head a lot as a kid. And when my career took off, it took off in such a way that it almost didn’t seem real to me.”

He continued, “I wasn’t an overnight success by any means … But when it happened, it went off like a missile: there’s a moment in ‘Rocketman’ when I’m playing onstage in the Troubadour club in LA and everything in the room starts levitating, me included, and honestly, that’s what it felt like.”

The “Tiny Dancer” singer admitted he sobbed watching the film about his life.

“Not crying as in the occasional tear quietly trickling down my cheek: really sobbing, in that loud, unguarded, emotionally destroyed way that makes people turn around and look at you with alarmed expressions,” he wrote.

He wasn’t the only one.

Page Six previously reported that Taron Egerton got emotional after the Cannes Film Festival screening as the audience rose to give the 29-year-old a standing ovation.

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