‘Even I worked it out’ Gary Lineker mocks Alastair Campbell as he slams Boris’ Covid tests

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Match Of The Day presenter Gary Lineker has taken to Twitter to mock former Labour spokesman and press secretary Alastair Campbell after he posted a furious tweet slamming Prime Minister Boris Johnson over the “shambolic” state of Covid testing in the UK. The former footballer, 60, chided the GMB host, 64, for failing to spot a dropdown button while attempting to input his details for the online part of requesting a Covid test, after the ITV presenter raged at thinking he’d have to “scroll back” through “every day” of his life to input his date of birth.

Even I worked that out

Gary Lineker

In view of his 719,900 followers, the former Downing Street Press Secretary posted an enraged tweet as he attempted to enter his date of birth as part of the Covid testing process.

Alastair wrote: “How the hell are you supposed to register your date of birth from this?

“I was born in 1957.”

The accompanying snap he had posted featured this year’s September calendar with two buttons to toggle through the months.

Fuming at the format, Alastair continued: “Am I meant to scroll back every day of my life?

“The more I experience Covid testing here and testing abroad the more I realise what a shambles everything this govt does is,” he ended his tweet.

However, the GMB newsreader had missed the dropdown arrow to the left of the calendar, which would have allowed him to find his date of birth much quicker.

Upon spotting Alastair’s error, the BBC’s Gary Lineker commented in disbelief at the oversight.

The former footballer wrote: “Even I worked that out.”

Responding, Alastair penned: “Yes, but you’re a lot younger than I am…”

The former strategist’s followers were quick to catch on and offered the former MP a few words of advice.

Michael Billington wrote: “I thought the same – but from memory if you click at the top it opens up ranges of years to choose from (1950s-60s for example).”

Andrew Wilson also commented: “Yes, use the dropdown says everyone.

“True, but wouldn’t it be great if the interface indicated that the user do that? Did they not test it before release?!”

This isn’t the first time Alastair has slammed the government on social media.

In July, he branded Boris Johnson the “worst” prime minister in UK history.

The star didn’t hold back as he raged over their handling of Brexit and accused the nation of accepting the outcome, before claiming that the PM and his party need to go.

The ITV guest newsreader called out the public for supposedly burying their heads in the sand while the government delivered Brexit.

Alastair wrote: “A right-wing cabal of liars, crooks and charlatans delivered Brexit and delivered the worst PM in our history.

“And this becalmed, dumbed down nation shrugs shoulders and mutters ‘is what it is …’

“A country with self respect would do whatever it takes to get these b******s out,” he ended the tweet.

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