‘Every viewer is shouting the same word!’ Rachel Riley addresses awkward Countdown moment

Antiques Road Trip: Rachel Riley discusses 'hideous' item

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35-year-old Rachel Riley has joked that she couldn’t help but picture every viewer hollering at her from behind their TV screens over an awkward on-air moment. Laughing at the blunder and adding a red-faced embarrassment emoji, she playfully posted on her Twitter account: “When you know that every viewer is shouting the same word at the screen!”

When you know every viewer is shouting the same word

Rachel Riley

Rachel was responding to a viewer, named Ryan, who had shared a snap of her putting on a wry smile after the letters, “N, C, T, U” were placed on the Countdown board.

Some Twitter users feigned innocence as to what the four letters could spell, with JohnnyJI81 asking, “Can someone enlighten me here?”

However, the crying with laughter emoji he punctuated it with made it clear he was all too aware of the rude word Rachel was referring to.

Another reader, robjohn441, joked, “Or what we call him in our house – JOHNSON, Rachel”, in a probable reference to the nation’s divisive Prime Minister, Boris.

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Sienc added to the amusement with: “Somewhere, Jimmy Carr is having a seizure!”

Meanwhile pjconrad quipped that he was sure the comedian would have been a “true gentleman when this occurred”.

Jimmy is known for his wit on the show 8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown.

Others borrowed a more innocent word to deflect from what others were thinking, suggesting that referencing King Cnut, a monarch of England, Denmark and Norway from the 11th century, might be a less embarrassing alternative.

Yet there is little doubt what the majority of Britain are likely to envisage, given a choice between the two words.

This isn’t the first time that Rachel has unwittingly had an awkward moment, with contestants previously directing her to spell out words such as ‘Erection’ and ‘Orgasmed’ on the board.

Meanwhile, another contestant infamously spelt out the word ‘Mingers’.

However, while fans had tweeted that they were sure Rachel’s co-star Jimmy Carr would be a gent and refrain from making any jokes about the letter combination, 56-year-old co-star Susie Dent previously revealed that he is less than “respectful”.

“He was respectful to me and Rachel at the beginning, but now he clearly isn’t,” she claimed of the trio’s Countdown antics.

She says she has learnt from the comedian’s sharp wit, adding to OK Magazine: “I often find myself laughing at things I didn’t know the meaning of, even though it might be rude or funny.

“I do feel weirdly comfortable with him joking with me now, like one of the team.”

Meanwhile, Rachel recently branded Susie “absolute filth” during an appearance on ITV’s Lorraine.

On Susie’s podcast, Something Rhymes With Purple, which she shares with Gyles Brandreth and uses to discuss the origins of language, she has been known to analyse the meanings of “rude words”.

Gyles added that they had to “warn” audiences if they were about to explicitly discuss “bad language”, as some of their regular listeners have been as young as 11.

No doubt the pair would not want to be responsible for a nation of school children learning a repertoire of colourful insults, hence their disclaimers.

Elsewhere, Rachel has just given birth to a baby girl.

Baby Noa, Rachel’s second child with former Strictly Come Dancing pro Pasha Kovalev, was born on Bonfire Night this year, to the sound of fireworks.

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