Family of Paddled 6-Year-Old Happy Principal Punished, Child Still in Pain

The Florida principal who paddled a 6-year-old will be punished after all, after getting prematurely reinstated, and the child’s family couldn’t be happier … despite the fact she’s still reeling from the beating.

The family’s attorney, Brent Probinsky, tells TMZ … the principal in question, Melissa Carter, recently received a letter from the Florida Department of Education — notifying her its investigation found probable cause for sanctions … which could include a fine, probation, suspension or revocation of her teaching license (AKA, termination).

While a decision on what exactly her punishment will be is still to be handed down, Probinsky says the family is happy Carter will feel some repercussions … and they hope it helps spread awareness to avoid a repeat situation with another kid.

Even though Carter will get hers, she was oddly reinstated to her position as principal this week by the local school district — seemingly jumping the gun ahead of the FDOE findings.

As for the child who got paddled … she’s still dealing with the fallout, both physically and emotionally. Probinsky tells us she has been experiencing severe pain in her back and hips, not to mention numbness in her legs … for which she’s in physical therapy. The kid’s also seeing a therapist due to the trauma we’re told she’s been through.

One last thing … even if Carter somehow walks away from this relatively unscathed — meaning she’s able to keep her job — she won’t be seeing this student again. Probinsky says the mother moved her to another school in the district.

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