Funny celebrity photos for February 2021

Ben Affleck is balancing single life just fine.

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The Pope’s messages aren’t entirely clear anymore.

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If only Kelly Dodd avoided dumb comments like she avoids puddles…

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Oliver Stark is going to stick with his own line of work.

Thankfully, Niall Horan doesn’t have to carry the weight of the One Direction guys. 

Erika Jayne’s divorce and legal woes aren’t the only unhealthy things in her life. 

It seems that Karen Gillan’s beauty salon has been closed during quarantine.

Stella Maxwell takes her dog for a walk… her chihuahua too.

Those “American Idol” people would never accuse Jennifer Lopez of not having tone.

Contrary to popular belief, Natalie Portman leads a very colorful life.

Garrett Hedlund is apparently already teaching his newborn son how to do a quick wardrobe change.

After Kim Cattrall got the boot, Sarah Jessica Parker was a shoo-in for the “SATC” remake.

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