Ghost Hunter Says He & His Crew Fled Haunted UK Pub After He Was 'Strangled' By A Demon!

Bar fights aren’t anything out of the ordinary, but a ghost hunter said he had to leave a UK pub because he got tussled up by a “demon”!

Tony Ferguson is a part-time paranormal investigator who aims to debunk rumors across many supposedly haunted places in the country. But in an interview with The Daily Star, he revealed that one spot lives up to the spooky hype: the Ancient Ram Inn in Gloucestershire, where he apparently felt he was “being strangled” by a supernatural entity!

According to the outlet, Tony and his team from Ghost2Ghost had to leave the site, which is said to be one of the most haunted in the UK, two hours ahead of schedule because they were so spooked out by odd events they couldn’t explain.

The 37-year-old told the paper:

“I was very skeptical, but there were so many things I couldn’t explain. I am not normally on edge during investigations but this place felt very eerie and sinister. I kept seeing this thing floating above us, it seemed to be following us around… At one point we heard someone say the word ‘Jinn’ which is Arabic for ‘spirit’ or ‘demon’. I saw mist coming towards me, felt a hand on my neck, and heard all kinds of noises I couldn’t explain… We left two hours early because of how uncomfortable everyone felt – it’s one of the most haunted places in the UK by far.”


Tony then went into a bit more detail about what happened, telling the paper he and his crew were terrified because there were “so many banging sounds” and that they “even heard a dragging sound above us,” despite there being nobody upstairs.

Then came the terrifying moment where Tony allegedly felt something around his neck. He recalled:

“Then in the living room area, our portal, a device used to connect with the afterlife, said the word ‘Jinn’ which is Arabic for ‘spirit’ or ‘demon’ while the orb floated above our heads. At one point the room grew very dark and we heard a very clear ‘f**k you’ in a disembodied man’s voice – but we were the only men in the house. The worst was when I felt something around my neck, nobody was there but I felt like I was being strangled.”

OMG, what!?

The ghost hunter admitted that the experience was even too much for him, adding:

“I am not normally on edge during investigations but this place felt very eerie. I was so shocked by it, I would say it’s one of the most haunted places in the UK, by far.”


Rumor has it the Ancient Ram Inn was built on pagan burial ground, which would naturally explain its hellmouth-ish state. Other rumors hint that the pub, which is now a tourist attraction due to its reputation, was a destination for people to practice witchcraft and devil worship, so who knows what kind of spookiness is swirling around in there!

The inn used to be owned by John Humphries, who lived there until his death in 2017. Humphries apparently had plenty of supernatural experiences of his own, claiming that he was once “pinned against the wall” by another force. He reportedly said:

“As I pointed to a haunted corner, a big flash came across and hit me with a terrific force. It threw me from one end of the room to the other, and I was pinned up against the wall, helpless.”


So if you’re looking to start trouble with some rough-and-tumble demons, you know where to go…

Watch the footage (below) for more.

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