GoldLink Backtracks on Mac Miller Comments, Calls Him a 'Best Friend'

Mac Miller helped put rapper GoldLink on the map, according to GoldLink himself … who claims he was NOT trashing Mac on social media — despite how many, like Anderson .Paak, took it.

GoldLink was on stage in Hamburg, Germany Wednesday night when he addressed the controversy that erupted after he insinuated Mac had used one of Goldlink’s records as a “blueprint” for the “Divine Feminine” album. Goldlink told the crowd, “Mac Miller is my best friend in the industry, that’s one of my best f**king friends to this day.”

He went on to give Mac props, along with Pusha T and Wale, for helping him make it in the music biz. GoldLink said his Mac Miller post was “about love and that n****s can actually be brothers. It wasn’t about stealing, I never used the word copy. I never used the word steal.”

Well, it’s true he never used those words. What he said was, Mac would “adopt styles as homage” to other artists he loved. GoldLink also said of “Divine Feminine” … “That’s where our problem started.”

As we reported, Anderson .Paak defended Mac and called out GoldLink for metaphorically backstabbing Mac when he can’t defend himself, and also ranted, Mac “brought your ass on tour and opened up his fan base to you when you had nothing.”

Well, watch the clip, because GoldLink seems to take a shot at Anderson saying, “You can’t talk about n****s you don’t know, so we ain’t worried about n****s we don’t know.” BTW, Anderson has featured on songs with GoldLink and Mac.

He also thanks Mac for giving him a platform — something he also acknowledged on social media — and he really gushes about cake. The one Mac gave him.

GoldLink has not deleted his post about Mac, but he’s disabled comments.

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