‘He says I’m a bigger w***er than you’ Lord Sugar aims Trump swipe at Piers Morgan in spat

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Lord Alan Sugar, 75, and Piers Morgan, 57, began their feud in 2020 when The Apprentice host hit out at the latter for his comments on the government’s handling of the pandemic. Since then, the pair have been involved in many spats on Twitter, and Lord Sugar has not been able to help himself since the start of Piers Morgan Uncensored on Monday.

Who you got on Friday.

Lord Alan Sugar

Piers took to Twitter on Wednesday to share an update about his new show, and his chat with Caitlyn Jenner.

He said in view of his 7.9 million followers: “UPDATE: I had a great clear-the-air chat with Caitlyn on the phone last night and as a result, she will now be appearing exclusively on @PiersUncensored tomorrow night for an extended live interview.”

Lord Sugar then cheekily took aim at the interview last night, as he said: “Who you got on Friday. Ena Sharples granddaughter @piersmorgan.”

Piers then quipped: “I would have you but sadly nobody in America has a clue who you are.”

Lord Sugar then further added fuel to the fire in view of his 5.2 million followers, even involving former US president Donald Trump, with whom he’s also feuded over who is in charge of The Apprentice, after they both fronted the US and UK versions of the series.

The businessman replied: “As you keep telling me Donny does. He says I am a bigger w****r than you.

“I notice you never mentioned popularity in Australia where no one knows you apart from your owners @piersmorgan.”

Many social media users took to the Twitter thread to add in their views about the pair’s ongoing feud.

RogerTaylor31 said: “Now then children, you will be sent to your rooms!!”

Russian_Spyy added: “Piers Morgan trying to become relevant again.”

DavidAndrewsBiz commented: “I can’t figure out if it’s love or hate with @piersmorgan and @Lord_Sugar.”

Famous frenemies Piers and Lord Sugar came to blows when the latter disagreed with the presenter’s comments on Good Morning Britain in 2020 over the government’s actions during the Covid lockdowns.

He branded Piers a “shameful, irresponsible, exploitative, hypocritical martyr and disgrace”.

Lord Sugar then further compared Piers to former US president Donald Trump.

Piers hit back in response at the time: “If a selfish, stupid, privileged billionaire wants to spew constant repulsive abuse at someone for holding the Government to account for decisions that will decide whether people live or die, that’s a matter for him and his conscience.”

Then, Piers reportedly told Lord Sugar: “Go f*** yourself,” before blocking him on social media.

The pair made up in November 2021, but they haven’t shied away from trading barbs with each other, despite their reconciliation.

Piers took to Twitter to joke about his disappointment over not making the New Year’s Honours list.

He penned: “Very disappointed not to have made the honours list this year.

“After all I’ve done for this Govt, it’s baffling that they haven’t rewarded me with at least a knighthood for services to holding miserably mediocre ministers to account.”

Lord Sugar snapped back: “Knights are a very elite circle of people. The problem is your head is so far up in the clouds the queen would not be able to tap you with the sword, she may be tempted to ram it where the sun does not shine.

“An anagram of Sir Piers Morgan is Orgasm Inspirer.”

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