Here Are 2 Shirtless Hemsworth Brothers Under a Waterfall, Just FYI

You might occasionally find yourself asking the big, important questions in life, such as: what could possibly better than a shirtless Hemsworth under a waterfall? The answer, of course, being: two shirtless Hemsworths under a waterfall.

The oldest and youngest Hemsworth brothers, Luke and Liam, recently wished middle brother, Thor star Chris, a happy birthday in a slightly bizarre way, tagging him in the caption of a photo of the two of them engaged in what appears to be some kind of shirtless primal screaming ritual under a waterfall. Liam is either attempting to push Luke out from under the water, or trying to sumo-wrestle him. We will probably never know.

It’s possible that they were both simply poking gentle fun at Chris Hemsworth’s tendency to flaunt his own body on Instagram. Ever since he upped the intensity in his training to pack on muscle for his role in the upcoming Hulk Hogan biopic, the middle brother has been sharing a lot of thirsty workout content on Instagram, as well as flexing his jacked biceps on the set of Thor: Love and Thunder (much to the visible chagrin of director Taika Waititi).

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That said, Luke and Liam are both in great shape too. In addition to physically grueling workouts that include sled training, calisthenics and free weights, Liam also swears by bracing ice baths as a recovery method. Luke, meanwhile, is rigorous about his whole-food-only diet… albeit with the occasional Belvedere vodka on cheat days.

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