Hilaria Baldwin has wrangled a sixth baby, six months after giving birth to her fifth


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A SIXTH BABY for Alec and Hilaria Baldwin, you guys. Here’s the timeline: in September 2020, Hillary Thomas-Baldwin (aka Hilaria) welcomed her fifth child in seven years’ time. The fifth child was a boy, and they named him Eduardo Pao Lucas Baldwin. Edu was the fourth son of the group of five Thomas-Baldwin kids, and Hilaria said some things about “how you say, yo quiero otra chica.” But after Edu, it really did feel like Alec Baldwin was putting the kibosh on having any more kids. Then, in late December, the crazy Hillary/Hilaria stuff happened. Hillary even tried to explain herself in a New York Times interview just before the new year. Over the past two months, even more stories about Hillary’s Spanish lies (mentiras de Espana) have come out, and Hillary attempted another half-assed apology on social media.

So, all told, just shy of six months has passed since Hillary gave birth to Edu. That… is not enough time to recover from your last pregnancy, get pregnant again, gestate a fetus and give birth to a baby big enough to bring home. So, yeah, Hillary either adopted a baby or she arranged for a surrogate or gestational carrier to give birth to a child. She did not birth the baby in her latest Instagram. We don’t know the name yet, but come on. It will have to be a Spanish name to “match” the other kids. Hillary isn’t going to suddenly name this one Brandi Jean. And I do think she wanted another girl. I also think… um, Hillary and Alec are separated. He moved out a few months ago, allegedly because of Covid concerns, but I honestly think they’re taking, how you say, a little break. But hey, what do I know. This is all… a lot. A big mess, if you ask me.

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