‘House of Gucci’s Jared Leto Talks Taking “Big Swing” With Paolo Gucci Upon Receiving SAG Nom, Says ‘Morbius’ Is The “Perfect” Project For Him

House of Gucci actor Jared Leto said that taking on family outcast Paolo Gucci for Ridley Scott’s crime drama came with its own set of risks. But now a contender for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a  Supporting Role at the 2022 Screen Actors Guild Awards, it seems it that taking on the late fashion designer continues to pay off.

“I’m interested in taking big swings and I want to be in that place where absolute total failure is knocking on the door. That’s an exciting place to be and I hope to continue to remind myself to be as brave and as bold as I can be,” the Oscar-winning actor told Deadline.

He continued: “I thought for sure that this would either be the worst thing I ever did, or potentially creatively for me as an artist, one of the best. There wasn’t any room for anything in the middle and I’m just struck by gratitude because I know that I’m fortunate to be an actor that people can call on to do these kinds of things.”

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In the 2021 film, Leto’s Paolo Gucci desires to become a renown a fashion designer and potential heir to the Gucci empire. Instead, his ideas and manner embarrass the family and he gets roped into Patrizia (Lady Gaga) and Maurizio’s (Adam Driver) moves to take over the family business.

Leto said that he “fell in love” with Scott’s character, noting that he resonated with Paolo’s artist and dreamer personality and his desire to “make something special out of his life.” The real-life Paolo Gucci met his tragic end bankrupt in 1995 in London.  Leto went on to praise Scott for trusting him to bring Paolo to the big screen.

“Once he hired me I told him that I was gonna go off the deep end here and he laughed and gave me permission to run the asylum for a bit…and when we showed up on set Paolo was there. Ridley gave us the time and the faith,” he said. “It was a beautiful thing that he gave us.”

Next, Leto immerses himself into the world of Morbius, where he stars as the titular doctor-turned-vampire. The film, which has been pushed to April due to the Omicron surge, seems fitting for The Dallas Buyers Club actor who often undergoes unrecognizable transformations.

Morbius gave me the opportunity to have this character that really makes three pretty significant transformations – He starts off very, very sick searching for a cure disease… then he finds a cure and it becomes powerful and stronger than he’s ever been before. Then there is another transformation that happens,” he said. “It was it was kind of the perfect role for me. Honestly, I enjoyed it quite a bit.”

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