‘I hated him!’ Jeremy Clarkson admits urinating in trophy hunter’s shoe for epic revenge

Jeremy Clarkson shows off his new cow

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The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson said a dentist he knew of enjoyed animal hunting, so he decided to take revenge. The 61-year-old “hated” the culprit “on a cellular level”. The presenter said: “There are a great many dentists in America – and they’re always dentists, for some reason – who like to shoot lions. Or elephants. Or rhinos.

“I met one once, in the frozen wilderness at the top of Canada.

“He was big in the tooth-whitening business and had taken a ‘coupla’ fun weeks off’ to blow a polar bear away.”

Jeremy added to The Sun: “I hated him on a cellular level and must confess that one night, when he was asleep, I p****d in his shoes.”

The presenter kept the name of his rival a secret, however his confession comes after American dentist Walter Palmer slaughtered 13-year-old Cecil the lion in 2015.

It is said the trophy hunter paid up to £80,000 to kill the huge ram in Mongolia.

Walter’s actions were met with public outrage which caused him to go into hiding.

Elsewhere, Jeremy swapped cars for farming duties for his own solo show Clarkson’s Farm last year.

The host bought his Diddly Squat Farm 12 years ago and has since opened his own farm shop.

In his show, he gives fans an insight into running the farm along with others including his partner Lisa Hogan and farmer Kaleb Cooper.

During one episode, he became emotional when he took three of his sheep to be put down.

Jeremy was advised that the ewes would be unable to breed healthy lambs and was advised to get them put down, as he didn’t class them as pets.

He said on the show: “I’m a sheep farmer, this is what sheep farmers do, they take their animals to make, they take them to the abattoir.”

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As the sheep were seen being led out of Jeremy’s trailer and into a pen, he added: “What I really needed were a few soothing words telling me that what I was doing was the right thing.”

After the procedure took place, he was seen shedding a tear as he told viewers the sheep had been on his farm for three months.

While he said they were a “nightmare”, he admitted he had “grown to love having them around.

“And there was one more surprise in store”.

The ex Top Gear star has since had a second series recommissioned as fans called for more episodes.

Jeremy had previously advised viewers to contact Amazon to ask, while he also tweeted Jeff Bezos himself.

He has since revealed the new series will take a minimum of one year to film.

Clarkson’s Farm is available to watch on Amazon Prime Video. 

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