‘I was the whale from Wales!’ Carol Vorderman opens up on struggles during her pregnancy

Carol Vorderman admits she 'didn't like' being pregnant

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Carol Vorderman, 61, chatted candidly on BBC Radio Wales this morning with her friend Owain Wyn Evans, 37, and a show guest about being pregnant. Carol made the candid admission that she “didn’t particularly enjoy being pregnant”, while admitting she didn’t have that “glow”.

I didn’t particularly enjoy being pregnant.

Carol Vorderman

Carol has two children from her second marriage to management consultant Patrick King.

The pair married in 1990, with Katie being born in 1992 and Cameron in 1997.

The relationship unfortunately did not last, with the couple seperating in 2000.

Speaking to a guest on the show about her struggles with pregnancy and the impact on her body, Carol made the revelation.

She said: “I didn’t particularly enjoy being pregnant. It didn’t suit my bod in any way, I did not feel great.” (sic)

Carol then asked the guest if she had the pregnancy glow, with the guest admitting she did not.

The TV star continued: “I didn’t glow either, I bloated. I was more the whale from Wales!”

She then spoke about how it was all worth it in the end when you have the baby, but added that people do not always talk about the realities of having a newborn.

Carol added: “Then you go through the momentous time when you hold your baby in your arms for the first time and you share him or her. Everything changes doesn’t it?

“I know everybody tells you you’re going to be absolutely shattered but I don’t think you realise till the baby is born just how much your life changes.”

Carol’s son, Cameron, graduated earlier this year with a master’s degree in animation at the University of Dundee.

Her son has severe special educational needs, including high spectrum dyslexia, ADD, and ADHD.

The TV presenter went on This Morning to discuss her son as well as writing about it in her The Sun column at the time.

In her column, the former Countdown star spoke about how Cameron was “removed from class” for being disruptive.

“When he was young he had immense trouble even recognising a letter, let alone reading — forget that,” she penned.

“Even at nursery my sweet, wonderful little boy was removed from class for being disruptive.

“When he was five the headteacher said Cam was so disruptive he had to move schools.

“I dragged him round loads of other schools but they all said he was unteachable. Imagine that.”

Cameron joined his mother on This Morning to talk about his learning difficulties and tough educational journey.

Carol has been trying to raise awareness for children with learning disabilities who are struggling in the current education system, revealing she’d had hundreds of messages from other parents in similar situations after she shared Cameron’s story on Instagram.

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