Inside Kit Harington’s road to rehab

“Game of Thrones” star Kit Harington has been involved in a few boozy public incidents prior to his current stay in a luxury Connecticut rehab for alcohol and stress.

The 32-year-old British actor was reportedly so drunk at NYC pub Barfly in January last year that he was dragged out of the place by staff after he tried to take over a game of pool, but was allegedly too drunk to grasp the rules.

Video obtained by TMZ showed the Jon Snow actor looking wobbly, persistently jostling and grabbing other patrons in a non-agressive manner, before launching himself at a pool table to interrupt the game and slurring, in a good-natured way, “Give me that cue.”

He was later physically restrained by other people away from the pool table in the Gramercy bar, then helped towards the door by bar staff and thrown out. However Harington later returned to settle his tab, leaving a generous tip, and was a “very nice guy,” bar staff confirmed.

Barfly owners later said in a statement about the boozy incident, “Kit Harrington walked into Barfly Friday evening already intoxicated. He was over-served somewhere else, not at our establishment. He was at Barfly for maybe 30 minutes total. Harington bought one Jameson for himself, a drink for his friend and a round of drinks for all of the other customers at the bar.”

They added, “The disagreement seen on the video…was over a pool game that Harington interrupted. A customer was letting him take the shot for him but he didn’t understand the rules of the game. The game being played is called ‘Killer’ where each person takes one shot, but Harington tried to continue shooting. That was the extent of the disagreement.

“When our staff realized how intoxicated Harington was they politely asked him to leave and two of our staff members helped him out. He came back later that night to pay his check and left a one hundred percent tip – $70 on a $70 check. The bartenders that served him both said he was actually a very nice guy…he is welcome back anytime.”

Weeks later the “disheveled” and “bleary-eyed” actor looked reportedly worse for wear in Paris, where he was allegedly seen with a male pal, stumbling on the rainy streets, according to

He was spotted wobbling into the way of oncoming traffic, then leaning on a parked van for support, while his hair seemed soaked by the rain. However, it appears the remainder of his night went without incident.

In November 2018 a Russian model named Olya Sergeevna posted Instagram pictures of a man she alleged was Harington, and who bore a strong resemblance to the actor, passed out naked on a bed. She claimed the pictures were taken months after his wedding to his “GoT” co-star Rose Leslie.

The model also alleged she had seen Harington a few times after they met in Luxembourg, but he was “always drunk and could never remember the things we were talking about. I was sick of the same questions, like what time is it?”

However, a rep for Harington hit back at the time that the model’s claims were “totally false” and he’d never met the woman nor been to Luxembourg.

The Instagram account where the photos were posted has since been deleted.

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