Jay-Z Says Dave Chappelle is 'Brave' & Great Art is Often Divisive

Jay-Z was trying to walk a fine line while talking about Dave Chappelle‘s new comedy special — but it’s clear which side of the debate he lands on … and that would be in DC’s camp.

The rapper spoke on the controversy surrounding “The Closer” Friday on a Twitter Space audio conversation — one that was being hosted by Netflix’s Strong Black Lead account, no less. Somebody asked him point-blank about what he thought, and Jay shared.

Check it out … Jay-Z says Dave is “super brave,” going on to say if you spend time with him, you’ll see he’s “brilliant.” Now, Jay does admit Dave pushed a lot of buttons — ones that apparently made HOV squirm, as he describes — but in the end, he considers it “true art.”

He goes on to say we’re in a time now where people can’t have discussions with others who disagree with them — emblematic in the reaction to Dave’s stand-up — and Jay thinks … that kinda sucks.

Eventually, the person seemingly moderating the convo asks Jay if he thinks the special was divisive — and Jay tries to dissociate Dave’s special with what he considers great art, which he describes as oftentimes being divisive. While he tried to separate the two, it’s clear he thinks Dave’s show might fall into that “great art” category.

It’s also obvious Jay has no real problem with Dave, evidenced in the fact that he invited him to be one of the keynote speakers at his Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction a week ago … and was more than happy to pose and smile with the guy.

So, while Jay is trying not to comment specifically on the content of the special — he may as well be cosigning it. Hard to decipher this any other way, really. 🤷🏽‍♂️

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