Jennifer Lawrence’s fiance Cooke Maroney ‘doesn’t care that she’s famous’

The last time I wrote about Jennifer Lawrence, it was because she was discussing how “honored” she felt to “become a Maroney.” She’s set to marry her fiance Cooke Maroney this summer, probably sometime very soon, and as she’s been promoting her various projects, she’s been gushing about Cooke. To J-Law, Cooke is the perfect man, and this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to finally realize all of her 30 Rock dreams and become Jenna Maroney. I’d just like to point out that at no point in that post did I judge J-Law for wanting to change her name or anything like that. Mostly, I was delighted by the idea that she was becoming Jenna Maroney officially, but besides the 30 Rock jokes, I do find it slightly irritating that this accomplished, Oscar-winning actress is so jazzed about… taking Some Guy’s name. No disrespect to Cooke, but he’s never going to be “the star” in this relationship and “Jennifer Lawrence” IS the brand. Yeah. I’ll leave it there. People have strong feelings about married names.

Anyway, for all that talk about how Jennifer is honored to become a Maroney, we have this story in People Magazine, which starts off as a hype piece for her wedding and then ends with the most bizarre take on Cooke.

Jennifer Lawrence is in party planning mode for her upcoming wedding to New York City gallery director Cooke Maroney. A source tells PEOPLE in this week’s issue that the Oscar winner, 28, and her fiancé, 34, will tie the knot this fall with an extravagant celebration.

“She wants it to be a blowout party and for everyone to just have a ton of fun,” the insider says. “She’s really excited about the wedding and can’t wait to be married.”

But Lawrence has hardly been a bridezilla. Speaking with Catt Salder on an episode of her Naked podcast that dropped last week, the actress revealed how easy it was for her to choose a dress and a venue. And the source thinks Lawrence and Maroney are a perfect match.

“They’re a super fun couple,” the insider continues. “Cooke doesn’t care that she’s famous, and she loves that he brings normalcy to her life.”

Maroney and Lawrence got engaged in February when the Dark Phoenix star was spotted wearing an engagement ring during a night out in New York City. The couple has been linked since last June and has been spotted out on numerous dates in the last year.

[From People]

“Cooke doesn’t care that she’s famous…” Yes, he just sees her as a rich, beautiful blonde, I guess, and he’s not into J-Law-the-Movie-Star. That was Cooke’s line, I’m sure, and it obviously worked. Jennifer’s whole shtick is that she’s SO NORMAL, it’s a wonder Cooke even knew that he was dating Jennifer Lawrence the Movie Star, right? I’m nitpicking, I know that. It just bugs me when these super-famous and incredibly accomplished women settle down with Mr. Normal Bro and we’re supposed to applaud Normal Bro for being able to look past the women’s beauty, fame, accomplishments and money and just see the woman who will subvert her identity to be his wife.

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