Jimmel Kimmel Is Grateful that Marjorie Taylor Green Confirmed that 9/11 Happened

“This woman was tweeting nutso conspiracy theories as recently as yesterday,” Kimmel says about Greene

Jimmy Kimmel didn’t hold back in criticizing Marjorie Taylor Greene on tonight’s episode on “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” calling her a “Klan Mom” and cracking jokes at the various conspiracy theories she’s promoted. But he gave her credit where credit is due, kind of, for saying that she believes 9/11 actually happened.

“Well, so at least we now know 9/11 happened,” Kimmel said. “Can you imagine – having to go in front of the House of Representatives –to say 9/11 happened? Yeah… we know. We know it happened.”

Greene said in a speech to the House floor Thursday that she disavowed outlandish theories she’d previously shared, including that 9/11 was a government-orchestrated hoax. Her frequently racist remarks and baseless conspiracy theories (which include that school shootings in Parkland, Fla. and Newtown, Conn. were faked by “crisis actors” and that a “Jewish space laser” caused wildfires in California did eventually have some repercussions. Republican Minority leader Kevin McCarthy declined to do anything to punish Greene, but Congress voted to strip Greene of her duties on the Budget and Education committees after hours of debate.

“Klan Mom was in top form [today],” Kimmel said. “She said her words, ‘these were words of the past,’ and they do not represent her values now. The past, by the way, was 2018. This woman was tweeting nutso conspiracy theories as recently as yesterday.”

In her remarks to Congress, Greene also deflected blame from herself, and claimed that the media was “just as guilty” as QAnon, the dangerous online network of conspiracy theorists that believes (among other things) that Democrats are a pedophilic cabal seeking world domination that drinks the blood of babies to stay young. QAnon supporters were also a large part of the violent, pro-Trump riot that attacked the Capitol and broke into lawmakers’ offices Jan. 6.

Greene met with Republicans including McCarthy in a closed-door caucus before the hearing on her committee roles, and some Republican lawmakers reportedly applauded once she was done speaking.

“The worst part of this – she has still not been reprimanded in any official way by fellow Republicans in the House – in fact, they gave her a standing ovation yesterday,” Kimmel said. “Some of them – not all of them. Some of them didn’t want to stand up for fear they could be targeted by the Jewish space lasers.”

Kimmel continued, “House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy – he’s coward number one in this little tap dance they’re trying to do. It’s really a shame the Golden Globe nominations came out yesterday – because he deserves a nomination for this performance – pretending he doesn’t know what Q Anon is… Those people who broke into our office and crapped on the walls last month? Never heard of em!

“You’ve heard of them,” Kimmel said to Republican leaders. “You pander to them.”

Check out the full monologue from “Jimmy Kimmel Live” above.

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