John Mulaney and Gwen Stefani Co-Featured at Exclusive Event

Fans of comedian John Mulaney know he’s on tour right now with his show “From Scratch,” so they’re not surprised to hear about him turning up at different comedy venues. But his latest appearance at an event not on his tour — one also featuring singer Gwen Stefani — hasn’t been getting as much attention as some people might expect.  

But fans shouldn’t feel bad for not getting any notice from the stars. Keep reading to find out about the strictly exclusive event.

John Mulaney ‘From Scratch’

Mulaney has been on tour for most of 2021 and he’s been getting a lot of great reviews. Despite the response from some fans to his divorce from Anna Marie Tendler and his baby with Olivia Munn, public response to “From Scratch” seems overall favorable.

One writer at a student-run newspaper described the show as feeling “the most genuine” of all Mulaney’s stand-ups. Some of those people lucky enough to grab tickets before they sold out provided very few details, but they only seemed to have positive things to say overall. It seems like many fans appreciated Mulaney’s mixture of honesty and hilarity.

The name of the tour indicates he’s striving for a clean slate. Fans have questions about what happened to end his marriage but he’s apparently not answering them there — or seemingly anywhere public. Audience reports say he doesn’t make mention of his marital woes or his new relationship in his new material, aside from a few loose references to divorce.

Reviews indicate the set is pretty squarely focused on his relapse, intervention, and recovery. Rumors have been swirling that the show is Mulaney’s next special for Netflix. If that’s true, fans at home will eventually be able to see it for themselves.

The well-received tour will keep Mulaney on the road for most of the fall. But he recently made some time for a stop at a venue that stands out as a little different than usual.

John Mulaney and Gwen Stefani were in an unlikely place

Recently, Mulaney was performing in a spot that seemed just a little unusual for him – new identity or not. He headlined the Dentsply Sirona World 2021 dental conference in Las Vegas, where Gwen Stefani was the featured artist.

Ordinarily those two names as co-features on any project would probably be bigger news, but the experience was meant for an exclusive dental audience only. So, most people had no idea it was even happening.  

One Reddit user posted a picture of Mulaney while reportedly on stage at the conference. They shared, “My boss got in trouble for taking this photo.”

Some fans were a little surprised that Mulaney was present at the conference. But most commenters were just curious to know if he told any good tooth jokes.

‘Baby Munnlaney’ due ‘later this year’

The “From Scratch” tour is currently scheduled to run through fall of 2021. Mulaney will wrap up at a time that could coincide with Munn’s expected due date if fan speculation is correct. While that date has not been revealed to the public, the baby dubbed “Baby Munnlaney” is reportedly due “later this year.”

Fan reactions have differed greatly to the news that Mulaney will be a father, in large part because he was open about his plans with Tendler to not have children. A general assumption from his comments was that he didn’t want kids, so the news of Munn’s pregnancy by him came as a big surprise to many of his followers.

But Mulaney appears to be signaling to fans that he’s taken steps away from the version of himself he presented in previous specials. His tour has done well, and his website currently boasts that most of the shows are sold out. Nevertheless, he picked up what might seem to some like an odd job, just like many expectant parents do.

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