K-Pop Star Lee Daehwi Reacts to Rumors That He’s Gay

Lee Daehwi is speaking out.

The 18-year-old AB6IX boy band member, who was previously a member of Wanna One before their disbandment, spoke out about comments he’s received online during an appearance on MBC’s Radio Star on Wednesday (June 5).

“I read many malicious comments. I used to get hurt in my early debut days. I started reporting them myself. I feel like they will not only be like that to me but also to other artists so I reported comments about other members too and asked my agency to report them as well,” he said during the appearance. (English translation via AllKPop.)

“There are so many ridiculous ones…’he’s like a girl,’ ‘he’s gay, it seems like he likes guys.’ I have an ideal type of my own, you know. Those type of rumors makes me angry.”

In the same week, fellow K-pop singer Sunmi clarified comments made during her concert about her relationship with the LGBT community. See what she said!

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