Kate Middleton and Prince William: Trying for Baby #4!!!!

You know what they say about children, don’t you?

Three may bring you glee, but four can make you happy all the way down to your core.

Granted, this might not be the best-known saying on the planet.

But we’re gonna go ahead and apply it to Kate Middleton and Prince William anyway, for a very excited and unexpected reasons:

The world famous couple may very well have another child!

According to Us Weekly, William and Kate are keeping track of the latter’s cycle and having a lot of intercourse without using any birth control.


Because they are “trying” for a fourth baby, a source alleges to this tabloid.

“Having four children was always part of Kate’s plan,” a source explains to Us Weekly, adding:

“She put the idea on hold when [the coronavirus pandemic] hit, but now there is light at the end of the tunnel with the vaccine and [Prince George and Princess Charlotte] scheduled to return to school in April.

“She feels ready to start trying again.”

See. We told you!

The Duchess of Cambridge is 39 years old.

She and William are parents to the aforementioned George and Charlotte, along with two-year old Louis.

We don’t know of any evidence to back the following claim up, but Us Weekly also uses the word “broody” to describe Middleton ever since her sister, Pippa, revealed she was pregnant in December.

Because she knows that her “clock is ticking,” this publicaion reports Kate has been eating a “nutrient-rich” diet to prepare her body for carrying another human being.

Getting knocked up for a fourth time would also help Middleton in her never-ending feud with Meghan Markle, one could argue.

It would shift the world’s focus back to Kate and her womb and it would almost guarantee positive coverage of her and her family over the proceeding nine months.

Not that Markle was covered very positively during her one and only pregnancy to date.

But still.

As for where the handsome Prince stands amid this baby speculation?

“It took a while for Kate to convince William, though,” the insider tells Us.

“He said that three children is more than enough. The thought of having four made him feel overwhelmed…

“But Kate’s desires to have another child have inspired him, and at the end of the day, he loves and appreciates the secure family setting he never had growing up. Why not make it bigger?

“After taking some time to think about it, he’s on the same page and is excited about the future.”

With the Internet buzzing over the possibility that Meghan and Harry may split, Middleton has allegedly broached the new baby topic with Queen Elizabeth II — and she’s psyched over the hypothetical!

“She adores her great-grandchildren,” this publication writes of the 94-year old Monarch.

“She’s slightly concerned that the Cambridges are biting off more than they can chew, especially as Kate isn’t planning to employ another nanny (as she wants to be hands-on).

“But as long as they’re happy, she’s happy.”

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