Katie Price in hospital for surgery after injury and ‘faces three months in a wheelchair’

Katie Price on needing a blood transfusion after surgery

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Katie Price took to Instagram today and updated fans on her broken feet after “months of investigation and pain”. The model previously revealed she would need ongoing procedures on her feet after breaking them when she fell off a wall during a 2020 holiday in Turkey.

The mum-of-five is now undergoing surgery and has been urged to take her recovery seriously.

According to reports, the model has been warned to take it easy and may have to make use of a wheelchair for the next three months.

A source said: “Katie’s feet mean she’s in constant pain – they haven’t healed properly and doctors have told her she’s facing another operation.”

“This time she’ll have to take her recovery really seriously – staying off her feet for three months, using a wheelchair, not wearing high heels,” they added to The Sun.

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