Katie Price reveals horrific moment Harvey was taken into intensive care shouting ‘I want my mummy’ as eight doctors rushed to his aid

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Katie Price has praised her “brave little boy” Harvey after he was rushed to hospital and admitted to intensive care.

The mother-of-five has been updating fans as 18 year old Harvey, who is blind and suffers from Prader-Willi syndrome, remains in hospital.

Speaking exclusively to new! magazine, the 42 year old revealed that, while Harvey is slowly recovering, he remains in hospital as she shared her anguish over only being able to see her son for a few hours a day due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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“Harvey is such a brave little boy, but it’s been tough,” Katie bravely revealed. “He’s taken a turn for the better, but he’s still in intensive care.”

She added: “The worst thing for me as a mum is that there are only certain hours you’re allowed to go into the hospital because of coronavirus – it’s horrid.

“It’s awful seeing him lying there with all the tubes in him. And when they put him into intensive care, he was ill but he still managed to shout, ‘I want my mummy.’ I was standing outside the room with Junior and they wouldn’t let me in. It was horrible.”

Katie went on to praise hospital staff, revealing that Harvey was rushed straight to the resuscitation room after being taken to hospital, describing his symptoms as “dangerous”.

“I knew he was ill because his breathing was really fast and his temperature was soaring. It was ridiculously high and your body can shut down. It was a really dangerous situation,” she said.

“Normally when people are rushed to hospital they go to the emergency room, but Harvey went straight to the resuscitation room. Suddenly eight doctors were around him. Normally the parent isn’t allowed in the room, but obviously you can’t talk to Harvey like you’d talk to us, so I think they realised very quickly they needed me in there.”

She continued: “The hospital staff have been amazing with him. They’ve found some things, but until he comes out and it’s all properly confirmed, I don’t want to say anything.”

Katie added that Harvey could be in hospital for another week, but she is remaining positive that he will recover sooner.

“Obviously I have to work still, but I try to get positives out of it. The positive is that I go and visit him and in between I can do my work. I want to keep busy and not just sit there,” she explained.

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“I still have four other kids and have daily duties to do. If I could, I’d be with Harvey all the time.”

Katie emotionally added: “It’s been stressful, but I’ve coped with it.

“I’ve been thinking the worst for Harvey. He’s never been in this situation before. But I think because of my knowledge on the first day, it’s made a massive difference. It’s lucky I was there.”

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