Khloe Kardashian’s Prom Dress Was The Perfect Look To Wear While Going With A Superfan On His Big Night

Lots of celebrities give the whole "I never got to go to prom" spiel during interviews, and TBH, missing out on the over-hyped but still-traditionally-exciting experience does seem like a real bummer for anyone who grew up famous. As a result, I’ve seen a celeb or two attempt to relive the glory days by escorting a fan to prom every few years — in fact, in 2017, Kylie Jenner took a fan to prom, and basically everyone in attendance freaked out. This year, another member of the Kar-Jen clan got all gussied up for high school’s biggest social event, and today I’m here to sing the praises of Khloé Kardashian’s prom dress as a result. Kardashian came to slay, and her date — and his entire school, natch — was living for it.

I know a lot of people out there don’t exactly ~love~ the Kardashians, but the fans that do are totally, completely, and utterly devoted to the sisters. And unlike a lot of celebs, the girls often make an effort to communicate with these die-hard fans and build relationships — Exhibit A: Khloé arranging to attend prom with superfan Narbeh, who runs fan account @NarbehKardash on Twitter.

Like, I didn’t see this coming, but I’m so glad it happened:

"Feeling over the moon," Narbeh declared of the entire experience. Honestly, this is the cutest thing I’ve seen all year. Khlo didn’t just show up at the prom for a quick photo op, either — she really did the damn thing. Narbeh documented the entire night on his social media platforms, and Kardashian was even there for the classically-awkward front yard prom pics before they hit the event, where they then continued to ham it up in the photo booth.

"These two mean the world to me," Narbeh wrote of his brother and Kardashian in a pre-prom pics post on Twitter:

And according to the photobooth shots, Khloé appears to be wearing a mic pack, so it’s likely we’ll get to see the duo take on prom in a future KUWTK episode:

At my prom, I wore an over-the-top nude dress with a see-through bodice and a tiered ruffle bottom, and paired the monstrosity with an over-the-top eye look created by an inexperienced wannabe makeup artist, aka myself. Needless to say, Khloé looked a lot better. Her long, slick blonde pony and glowy makeup were on point, and her dress was the perfect combo of tasteful elegance and super sexy, I’m-the-prom-queen-now energy.

TBH, my prom chaperones probably wouldn’t have allowed this level of cleavage, but it’s a fire fit nonetheless:

Kardashian didn’t share deets on her prom night lewk, but fans are speculating that the long-sleeved black dress with cut-outs is a Mugler piece, which makes sense, given that sister Kim has been wearing vintage Mugler left and right as of late. Regardless of what designer she wore, though, Khlo looked absolutely incredible, and she clearly had a great time. "Thank you for inviting me boo it was perfect!!" Kardashian wrote to Narbeh after their big night out. In another Tweet responding to another Khloé fan, Narbeh confirmed: "She’s the sweetest ever!!!!" Considering most proms leave behind memories of awkward dancing and sub-par dresses (I.e. my ruffled nightmare!), I’m glad to see Kardashian and Narbeh had such an incredible time — and looked amazing.

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