Kim Kardashian FTW! ‘KUWTK’ Star Speaks At Second Chance Hiring Event At White House — Look!

Kim Kardashian West continues to use her platform for good, and we are seriously here for it!!!

The reality TV, fashion, and beauty mogul is, as you are all probably well aware, knee-deep in the process of studying as an apprentice to one day pass the California bar exam and become a lawyer — but she’s not sitting on the sidelines right now even though she’s still a rookie in the legal sphere!

The KUWTK superstar is set to speak at the White House on Thursday afternoon at some point after 4:00 p.m. local time, according to CNN. The specific schedule of the day is a bit uncertain, but according to reports, Kim will offer “brief remarks” alongside President Donald Trump during the Second Chance Hiring and Re-Entry Event.

The event, as has been the case with Kim’s other recent legal activism and outreach, focuses on how lawmakers can create policies and procedures to help ex-convicts and released former prison inmates find work again and re-enter free society in the most positive, productive way possible. For quite a while now, the reality TV star has made her legal focus center on the United States’ underserved prison population — both in cases such as this one today, and in acquiring high-profile pardons and other early release grants for specific non-violent drug offenders.

In a video she posted to social media earlier on Thursday, Kim mentioned the event — and also teased that she was going to “announce some exciting things,” which, well, we can only imagine what that might be! The business mogul and mom of four is focused and intent on continuing to learn the law and advocate for the betterment of society, so we’re sure it’ll be something important and inspiring!

Here is Kim’s video announcing the event today (below):


One of Kim’s colleagues, Jessica Jackson — who is the national director of the criminal justice advocacy group #cut50 — told media outlets that the event itself “will focus on how agencies and the private sector are stepping up to help people coming home from prison reintegrate and succeed.”

That is good and noble work being done for rehabilitated prisoners — and we’re so proud and happy that someone with as high-profile of a career as KKW would take this on, and make this her advocacy work!

Love it!!!

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