Lamar Odom: I Saw Khloe Kardashian Beat the Sh-t Out of a Stripper!

Lamar Odom’s hotly anticipated memoir From Darkness to Light hasn’t even been released yet, and already, the former NBA star is shocking the internet with one bombshell revelation after another.

And not surprisingly, many of those big reveals have to do with his disastrous marriage to Khloe Kardashian.

First, we learned that Lamar is still racked with regret over being all horny and coked up during his marriage.

Shortly thereafter, dude went into specifics, revealing that he’s slept with over 2,000 women — and many of those conquests took place while he was still involved with Koko.

Khloe probably hoped that her involvement in Lamar’s promotional campaign would end there.

But unfortunately for her, it seems he saved some of the most shocking details for last.

In one of the book’s most jaw-dropping passages to date, Odom recalls a night back in 2012 when he holed up in LA’s Hotel Roosevelt with lots of blow, lots of booze, and lots of strippers.

(Lamar calls them strippers, but considering they followed a heavily intoxicated NBA player back to his hotel room, they were probably planning to do more than just dance with their clothes off.)

His plans for the evening went awry when Khloe barged into the room accompanied by her mother, Kris Jenner, and several family security guards.

Khloe and Kris had apparently secured a key from the front desk by informing the clerk on duty that Lamar was a severe addict whose life was in danger.

(No need to lie on that one.)

According to Odom’s recollection, his then-wife and mother-in-law entered the room to find “naked girls everywhere.”

Not surprisingly, Khloe and Kris not-so-politely suggested that the girls leave.

When one of them offered counterargument, Khloe took the matter into her own hands.

“Khloe’s beating the sh-t out of one of the girls who tried to protest,” he writes in the book.

“She’s dropping vicious blows all over the top of this girl’s head.”

We don’t usually condone violence, but a stripper who refused to leave after dude’s wife came barging in?

Yeah, she needed a few vicious blows atop the head.

As Radar Online points out, this is not the first time we’ve heard allegations of Khloe getting violent with one of Lamar’s sidepieces.

In 2013, she was accused of assaulting a woman named Paulina Polonsky.

Insiders say Lamar still hopes to win Khloe back — but we think it’s best for everyone if these two just let the relationship remain dead.

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