Leah Messer Responds to Pregnancy Rumors, Explains Shade Thrown at Kail Lowry

The drama never ends in the life of Leah Messer.

Sure, her wilder days might be behind her, but she’s still a member of the Teen Mom universe, which means there’s sure to be friction pretty much anytime she posts anything on social media.

In fact, this week Leah is dealing with two separate mini-controversies that she never could’ve anticipated.

First, there were rumors that Leah is pregnant with her fourth child.

The speculation seemed to be based primarily on an interview in which Leah stated that she’s open to the idea of one day having more children.

This led to some unfortunate speculation, and some photos of Leah were bombarded with insensitive comments about her midsection.

Speaking of photos and insensitive comments, a different post of Leah’s led to an entirely separate controversy.

Messer posted some photos of Kailyn Lowry as part of a tribute post in honor of Kail’s birthday.

Fans felt that the pics were unflattering, and they even went so far as to accuse Leah of intentionally shading Kailyn on her big day.

Leah usually doesn’t do interviews unless she has something to promote, but this week, she spoke to the website Heavy in order to clear the air on these matters.

Asked to clarify her comments about having a fourth kid, Leah revealed that her remarks were blown out of proportion.

“That was taken way out of context,” she said.

“There were so many things that were positive in the interview and that was one thing that got honed in.”

Leah really put those rumors to rest with an Instagram post in which she could be seen enjoying a cocktail.

“It’s thirsty Thursday and I’m not pregnant, cheers,” she captioned the post.

“I was like, yeah, I’m actually going to say something this time because I’m not pregnant,” she told Heavy.

“That’s not even my focus might now. Why is this speculation even happening?”

On the subject of her birthday pics of Kailyn, Leah said that yet again, vicious trolls blatantly misrepresented her.

“Honestly, it’s funny to me how things get taken out of context — even that post,” she said.

“It was supposed to be more meaningful and celebratory than how we both looked in the photos,” Leah added.

“Kail liked the photos, but at the end of the day, you gotta let it roll off [your shoulders].”

Leah concluded with some words of advice to anyone else who might be struggling with negative attention from social media haters.

“My advice for anyone who is being shamed online is to stay true to yourself [and focus] on your goals and your health,” she said.

“Learn from the difficult times. If they’re not paying your bills, pay them no mind.”

That’s solid advice for just about any situation.

Reality TV might come with its fair share of challenges, but it seems that Leah is equipped to handle everything that comes her way.

In fact, it looks as though her struggles have made her wise beyond her years.

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