Lenny Kravitz wished his ‘brother’ Jason Momoa a happy birthday


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Every year, Lenny Kravitz and Jason Momoa wish each other a happy birthday on social media and every year it’s amazing. It’s amazing this year too. Jason Momoa’s birthday was August 1st, and Lenny celebrated him by posting a photo which I believe was taken at Zoe Kravitz’s wedding. Zoe had her wedding at Lenny’s Paris townhouse and I’m pretty sure this is what Lenny wore to walk his baby girl down the aisle (sidenote: Zoe’s marriage crashed and burned and she already filed for divorce).

Anyway, props to Lisa Bonet, as always. If Lisa Bonet ever wrote a memoir, I would read it and learn from it. She was married to Lenny and after they divorced, they maintained a healthy co-parenting relationship with Zoe. Then Lisa married Jason and they have kids together. I’m pretty sure Lenny is close to Jason and Lisa’s children too, and he’s something like an “Uncle Lenny” to them. Basically, as soon as Jason and Lisa got together, Jason and Lenny’s bromance flourished and these two beautiful men flat-out adore each other.

I think my favorite thing about this photo is that Jason has a scrunchie around his wrist. Dude was ready to party at his stepdaughter’s wedding and he knew he would need to pull his hair back in a party pony or party bun. My second favorite thing about Lenny’s Instagram is that Jason left him a comment: “love u madly. mahalo nui loa.” I’m crying.

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