Levin: The Earthshot Awards were ‘much too celebrity rather than royal’

It’s the morning after the Earthshot Prize Awards and I can’t help but think that there’s a real lack of drama or excitement about the inaugural awards. This is supposed to be Prince William’s big legacy project, it’s the thing he’s been hyping (in his dull way) for more than a year. Keenshot is supposed to be HIS big keen thing, like Harry’s Invictus Games, Travalyst, Sentebale and Archewell. And now that the awards ceremony is done, people are just like “… And?” Even Angela Levin – who normally only has her knives out for the Sussexes – was super-critical about all of it:

Speaking on talkRadio, royal expert Angela Levin said: “I’m afraid I thought it was a bit of a cross between X-Factor and the film awards, I thought it was much too celebrity rather than royal and over the top with saying ‘you must not buy new clothes’. Of everyone sitting there with black suits and bowties, I can’t see that that worked very well, I think it should have been much more casual.”

When asked by Julia Hartley-Brewer if she thought the awards ceremony was too “gimmicky”, Levin continued: Yes, I did actually, and I thought the green velvet jacket looked horrific on Prince William, but that was an ‘I am green’. I do think that the clothes make a very important image for something that you’re doing and I felt it was completely over the top.

“As you said, Catherine is somebody who wears her clothes several times and we don’t make a fuss, but then suddenly last night, everybody was making a huge fuss about it. What I thought was extraordinary is that she wore it last in 2011 and she’s still the same size, having had three children!”

[From The Daily Express]

Wow, gimmicky and too celebrity? Criticizing the future future king for looking like a jackoff in his twenty-year-old trousers and Bond villain velvet? Yiiikes. If the Keenshot ceremony had been more casual, then what would have been the point? The whole point of this was that William has a big environmental thing and that HE is keen. I guess Angela Levin didn’t get the memo.

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