Lil Cam 5th’s Lawyer Denies He Killed Takeoff Despite Arrest

Lil Cam a.k.a. Joshua Cameron’s attorney denies that his client shot the Migos star in Houston on November 1, though he remains quiet on whether his client knew who pulled the trigger.

AceShowbizLil Cam 5th is not a suspect in the shooting death of Takeoff despite his recent arrest. Clarifying the speculation regarding his charge for gun possession on the night of the Migos star’s passing, his attorney has stressed that his client did not kill the 28-year-old star.

Lil Cam a.k.a. Joshua Cameron’s attorney Christopher Downey and prosecutors spoke about his case at a court hearing in Houston on Wednesday, November 30. According to AllHipHop, while Lil Cam was caught on surveillance footage having a weapon at the crime scene, the district attorney’s office did not accuse him of shooting Takeoff.

“We believe Cameron Joshua has been appropriately charged in this case,” lead prosecutor Matt Gilliam told reporters. “And we’re continuing our investigation into the death of Takeoff.”

Downey, meanwhile, insisted, “I haven’t seen anything to suggest that Cameron Joshua had anything to do with the shooting, that he discharged a firearm that caused [Takeoff’s] death or was he even involved,” amid ramblings on the Internet that Lil Cam might have executed an order from the higher-ups at J. Prince Jr.’s Mob Ties Records to commit such crimes.

He asserted, “My understanding is there was some type of skirmish … I’m familiar with all the Instagram sleuths. They remind me of the blind guy who tries to figure out an elephant and grabs its trunk and thinks it’s a snake.” He added, “The bottom line is they’re wrong. Cameron Joshua did not shoot Takeoff.”

Downey would not say if Lil Cam knew who shot Takeoff, but he indicated his client may talk to prosecutors in the murder investigation. “We will discuss that with the D.A.’s office if we decided to,” the lawyer said.

Lil Cam was arrested and taken into custody by Houston’s Harris County Sheriff’s Office on November 22 for a felony charge of unlawful carry of a weapon. He has since been in custody at the Harris County jail, where he is being held with no bond.

Takeoff was shot and killed at 810 Billiards & Bowling in Houston, Texas on November 1 after a private party that led to an argument involving his uncle and Migos groupmate Quavo reportedly over a dice game. At least two guns were fired during the altercation, hitting Takeoff three times in the torso and head.

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