Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha ‘wasn’t functioning’ behind scenes due to ‘irrational terror’

Nadia Sawalha discusses her 'rainbow baby' after miscarriage

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Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha has told how she “wasn’t functioning” during the earlier stages of the coronavirus pandemic, as she was in a state of “irrational terror”. Speaking exclusively to Express.co.uk, the YouTube star, 57, spoke about getting through every day by looking for “sparks of joy”, as she teams up with AXA UK on their Getting Back to the Good Stuff campaign.

I had such irrational terror that I just wasn’t functioning

Nadia Sawalha

Speaking about going into lockdown with her husband Mark Adderley and their two daughters, Kiki, 13, and Maddy, 18, the star told how she felt that she had been “preparing” to spend so much time together as they have been homeschooling their children for six years.

Nadia said: “My husband and I spend a lot of time together, we have a really close relationship and friendship as well.

“And we work together, so we spend a lot of time together as a family anyway, so we didn’t have those kinds of shocks that a lot of people had.”

“And luckily we were still able to work and earn money,” Nadia added.

However, the ITV host explained that she was most worried for her children and parents.

“The hardest thing was being scared for my elderly parents who live next door,” Nadia candidly admitted.

“But apart from that, because I’m such a homebody, I was alright with being at home so much.

“But I think after a while, we really did take each other a bit for granted,” she said.

The TV personality explained that she was able to get through each day by looking for “sparks of joy” in every moment, which she credits with helping her though.

Nadia went on: “That’s what got me through the pandemic, because at the beginning, I was in such a state of – I had such irrational terror that I just wasn’t functioning.

“And then the way I turned it round for myself was like, ‘Okay, stay right here, right now, in this minute, where’s the spark of joy?

“‘What are the simple things that can get you through the next hour and the next one,’ and I did that day, after day, after day,” she revealed.


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Speaking about getting life back to normal, Nadia and her family embarked on an exciting trip to the Cotswolds with AXA UK, which she says helped get her out of her pandemic-comfort zone.

She said: “I would never have imagined I would have gone quad-biking, I was scared of everything, I’ve become very scared.

“And yet, that challenge for a couple of hours was just the best fun, it blew away the cobwebs.”

The star also told of her “ambition” to have a better work-life balance amid her many projects.

As well as starring on Loose Women, Nadia spoke about her “seven days a week” job presenting and editing on her and Mark’s YouTube channel.

She said: “And out of that we do our family reality show, we do mental health films, we do gardening films, we have two podcasts and we do movie reviews.

“It’s like a patchwork quilt of everything that we love.

“So it’s just amazing to not have to be waiting with a channel and going, ‘Do you like this idea? Do you think you might want to do it?’ and just picking up the camera and just doing it yourself,” Nadia said.

Nadia Sawalha is working with AXA UK for the Get Back to the Good Stuff Campaign.

For more information visit AXA UK’s Get Back to the Good Stuff campaign hub.

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