Love Island’s Anna Vakili ‘almost arrested’ for wearing tight jeans in Iran

FormerLove Island contestantAnna Vakili has claimed that she was nearly arrested while on a trip to Iran after wearing jeans that were too tight.

The TV personality,who’s recently spoken about her time on the show, made the admission on Johnny Seifert's Secure The Insecure podcast as she recalled how she was “dragged” into a police van.

As she opened up about the experience, the 31 year old alleged that she “got arrested in Iran for wearing jeans”.

She also explained how her “non-Islamic” outfit was questioned by police and that her family fought to save her from going to custody.

The social media sensation added: “It was really scary because I just remember all these police women grabbing me and trying to put me in the van.

“They were saying in Farsi, 'Your jeans are too tight and it's not Islamic', and they were trying to push me into the car.

“My auntie was grabbing me and pulling me away and saying, 'She's English, she's from England, she doesn't know'.

“I pretended that I couldn't speak Farsi and they let me go because I was from England and I didn't know the laws enough.”

While on the podcast, Anna also opened up about how her heritage left her feeling like an outsider during her teenage years.

“I never really did fit in with the English girls in school – I was very different growing up in a very Iranian household,” she said.

“At the same time whenever I used to travel to Iran I felt different to them as well because I wasn't fully Iranian.

“There was always that, 'which one am I?' Now I can say that I'm Persian, but British Persian. I'm both. I do love my roots.”

The news of Anna’s terrifying ordeal comes after the influencer,who is going towards the “natural look”, opened up about her surgery regrets.

Speaking on her Sisters in the City podcast,Anna shared how she chose to get a budget Brazilian bum lift, but soon regretted her decision.

“A Brazilian butt lift is a fat transfer where they take fat from other parts of your body and they put it into your bum,” she said.

“The second time we did it, we went abroad to Turkey and me and Mandi thought we were going to die abroad. It was very scary.

“After our surgery, within a day or two, we were in a hotel room about to faint with blood all over the hotel room.

“It was like a murder scene, we both collapsed in hotel room. Bandaged up, bleeding… it was like a horror movie.”

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