Mackenzie McKee: If You Hate My Marriage, I Hate You!

Mackenzie McKee tried really hard to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year.

But total strangers on the Internet made it challenging.

The veteran Teen Mom star paid recent tribute to her husband of seven years, thinking she could simply gush over the father of her three kids without any repercussions.

Alas, repercussions came pretty hard after Mackenzie took this step, considering the very up and down journey she’s gone on with Josh since about mid-2018.

Both sides have confessed to cheating on the other, with McKee in particular saying on numerous occasions that she was done being married to this stupid and cruel liar.

Heck, Mackenzie even moved to Florida several months ago, seemingly in an attempt to start fresh, away from her husband.

But then Josh followed Mackenzie down there and the two are very much back together.

McKee has made it clear of late that she’s happily married once again, and now she’s also made it clear what trolls should do with their opinions if they aren’t happy for her.

“I nearly forgot I am [no] longer [allowed] to post a photo with my children’s father and not turn the comments off,” the 26-year-old fired back in a new message she shared via Instagram Stories on February 14.

“If you do not support me and my family, it’s super simple, free, and easy to unfollow.”

Mackenzie is admitting here that she garners flak for reconciling with Josh any time she simply posts a picture of him.

We can understand why that would be irritating, but here’s the thing:


McKee is the one who trashed Josh left and right over the past year-plus or so.

She even accused him in early 2020 of cheating on her with her own cousin, ranting on Facebook back then about how betrayed she felt and how she was done with both her cousin and Josh forever as a result.

As it turns out, Josh did NOT have an affair with Mackenzie’s cousin.

Moreover, Mackenzie was sleeping with someone else herself when she made this false accusation!

“Josh and I were separated, I was seeing someone, and my stupid cousin was giving him ‘advice’ and supposedly taking my side,” the MTV star recently clarified of all that transpired.

She then addressed her outspoken critics as follows:

“I really try to stay [quiet]. But seeing ‘you took him back after banging your cousin’ is getting ridiculous.”

Yes, but remember who started that rumor, Mackenzie?

It was you.

After speaking out about her relationship, the MTV personality told her social media followers that she would “love to post family photos without you all calling me trash for being with Josh.”

Fair enough.

But, again, it would help McKee’s case if she hadn’t said Josh was a horrible person on many occasions.

And also if she hadn’t been the one to frequently tell the world she was leaving her husband.

“We never got remarried, but he also never signed the divorce papers,” Mackenzie said about their relationship status and how they split for a bit.

“We haven’t had that discussion, but I think I’m really turning to kids right now and kind of focusing on where their happiness is as a mom and putting what I want aside.”

“We just are having a lot of fun right now as a family,” McKee added of where things stand between her and Josh.

“Obviously, he is all over me.

“And, so, people are like, OK, they’re more than friends, but we don’t really have that conversation. I’m not talking to anyone else.

“I’m leaving that open.”

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