Mark Hamill Fuels Fun Star Wars<\/em> Theory on Instagram

Star Wars legend Mark Hamill has fueled a bizarre conspiracy theory surrounding his character Luke Skywalker.

Known as the ‘Bigger Luke’ phenomenon, it’s claimed by some fans that the Jedi hero appears throughout the franchise in two different sizes—either because an uncredited (and taller) Hamill lookalike stepped in for certain scenes, or because there really is a Bigger Luke out there in canon.

Addressing this mind-melter on Instagram yesterday (March 21), the actor jokingly supported it. At least, we think he’s joking…

“Luking for a really fun conspiracy?” he wrote next to various images connected to ‘Bigger Luke’.

“Luke no further. It’s hard to believe how long we were able to fool everyone, but to be fair: the only time both of us appeared together at the same time was with Kermit on The Muppet Show. #BiggerThanRegular.”

We’ll never watch the original trilogy the same way again.

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Meanwhile, just last year, Hamill revealed on Twitter which actor he’d have liked to have shared a scene with in a galaxy far, far away, but never got the opportunity to.

“From Peter Cushing on, every single one of them,” he noted. “Imagine the fantastic Sequel Trilogy actors & only working with two of them!”

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