Martin Lewis takes swipe at Boris Johnson amid calls for star to ‘become Prime Minister’

Martin Lewis explains the concept of 'forgotten gold'

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Money Saving Expert Martin Lewis has appeared to take a swipe at Prime Minister Boris Johnson on Twitter amid calls from his followers for the money expert to “be PM”. Taking to Twitter, the financial guru said that anyone who wants to run for the role should be “automatically disqualified” from doing so, leading to a follower asking him to consider joining the House of Lords instead.

I do worry that anyone who would want to be Prime Minister should be automatically disqualified from doing the job!

Martin Lewis

In view of his 1.2 million followers, Martin thanked the social media user who suggested that he would be a great candidate for Prime Minister, while aiming a dig at Boris.

Martin replied: “Very kind, but no thank you.

“Frankly I do worry that anyone who would want to be Prime Minister should be automatically disqualified from doing the job!”

The star was responding to Twitter user Elainebks, who praised the financial journalist for his speech asking the government to include online scams in its Online Safety Bill.

They wrote: “@MartinSLewis gave an impassioned speech to govt committee, having to BEG them to include online scams in their legislation. (sic)

“He also warned them about allowing lots of small energy companies to start up with due diligence.

“Can he be PM??” she ended the post.

Despite the star admitting that he wasn’t interested in the job, Steve Hayes then asked whether he was interested in joining the House of Lords.

He asked Martin: “But House of Lords? I keep nominating you, am I wasting my time?”

“Who knows – I think the biggest issue would be if I have time to do it properly (as well as the fact I would only do it cross bench),” Martin responded.

The Money Saving Expert’s comments come four months after he said he wishes Boris Johnson had become the unwitting face of scams like he has, as he called out the Government for failing to include online fraud crimes in their Online Safety Bill.

The star’s famous face has been used by fraudsters to promote online scams, prompting one victim to lose £220,000 after they fell for a scam which looked as though it had been endorsed by the finance expert.

The Government’s Online Safety Bill was announced in May after two years of drafting.

The legislation vows to look into a variety of content, including grooming, revenge porn, hate speech and images of child abuse.

Despite including provisions to tackle online scams such as fake investment opportunities, it doesn’t extend to fraud via advertising emails or cloned websites, the BBC reported.

Following the news, Martin called out the Government, saying that their Bill didn’t go far enough.

He said: “Richard Branson and I are the most scammed faces in the country.”

The financial expert explained that he thought another person should also appear on the list.

“I just wish there was a third person on that list: Boris Johnson,” he said.

“If his reputation was being destroyed and his face being used by thieves to rob vulnerable people, it would be in the Online Safety Bill,” he told The Telegraph.

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