Matthew Modine Loses Tooth Skateboarding While Using Cellphone (Exclusive)

“I’m just gonna rock the hillbilly look until I get a tooth.”

Matthew Modine knows the tooth about the dangers of using a cellphone while skateboarding.

The 60-year-old actor showed off his brand new gap to TooFab exclusively on Thursday, after admitting to attempting the ill-advised stunt.

"I busted my tooth out skateboarding," he told us through a sheepish and drafty grin.

"You know, when I started skateboarding there was no such thing as a cellphone," he lamented. "And what you never wanna do is go skateboarding and look at your cellphone.. because you end up like that," he said, pointing to his missing incisor.

"I went down. I thought I broke my nose."

The "Stranger Things" star said he is currently working on getting it fixed, but added it will take almost a month before his Hollywood smile is back up and running.

"You gotta put in a post and you gotta wait for four weeks," he told us. "So I’m just gonna rock the hillbilly look until I get a tooth!"

Cycling has been Modine’s main mode of transportation since moving to New York City in 1980; he even heads the heads the pro-bike organization called "Bicycle for a Day".

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