Mel B Claims Stephen Belafonte Would Send Her Family 'Horrible' E-Mails While Pretending to Be Her

Mel and her sister open up about their 10 year family feud, which they say was fueled by Mel’s ex husband.

Mel B is speaking out about the lengthy healing process she and her family had to go through following her volatile marriage to Stephen Belafonte, who she accuses of driving a wedge between them all.

Sitting down with sister Danielle Brown, from whom she was estranged for nearly 10 years, the Spice Girl appeared on "This Morning" in the UK on Wednesday to open up about how the "traumatic" marriage allegedly broke up her family.

"I was in a 10-year marriage and it wasn’t the nicest marriage at all," she said, when asked when everything started going wrong with her parents and sister. "I got very isolated from my friends, my family, it was very traumatic."

"I was in a coercive, kind of not very nice relationship," she claimed. "One of the things that happens in that type of relationship is you kind of get cut off from friends and family. It was emotionally traumatic. We were talking at the beginning of my marriage."

Danielle said she started seeing "close friends" and longtime employees of Mel’s start to get "pushed to the side" in a "gradual way" following the 2007 marriage. She added that Mel’s family members "were the last ones to go."

Mel then talked about how Belafonte would allegedly tell her what to say to her family members in phone calls, saying she went along with it to avoid "a big argument and a big fight." She added that being "isolated from my family was a battle I constantly battled, but I always lost."

Danielle then detailed how difficult it allegedly was to get in touch with Mel during the marriage. "We found out her phone number and address, it’d all then be changed," she claimed. "She’d change her phone number, change her e-mail. You’d get a horrible e-mail back saying ‘Want nothing to do with you,’ then obviously later on we know it’s not Melanie, it was him replying on her e-mail."

At this point, the "This Morning" hosts read a lengthy statement from Belafonte, which Mel and Danielle cringed listening to.

"This whole thing is a fraud. Mel lived and worked in other parts of the world for months at a time, how could I influence who she did and didn’t call?" he said. "I couldn’t. I proved in court documents that Mel had constant contact with her mom and sister and I have other e-mails and text messages to refute what they are both saying."

Danielle called the statement "absolute rubbish."

The singer also opened up about the "healing process" to mend the broken relationships following her divorce. "There was a lot of apologizing I had to do," she explained.

"A lot of time has been lost. I’m trying to do catchup and makeup right now," Mel continued. "I lost 10 years of being with my sister, being with my mum, you lost out on my kids, I lost out on your kids."

She added that she’s being so open with her allegations now in hopes to start a public discussion about "what a healthy relationship looks like and feels like."

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