Michael Steele Says Trump Not Going Away, GOP Has No Challengers

Michael Steele‘s ready to get the Republican Party he knew and loved back from the President, but he thinks it’s going to be a major challenge because so far … nobody’s stepping up to dump Trump.

The former head of the Republican National Committee tells us the battle between the GOP’s “fair-minded patriots” — his words — and staunch Trumpers isn’t dying down … because there’s no chance Donald goes away.

Steele says it’s not complicated — Trump will continue to assert his influence on the party and rally his base to maintain power. So the question … who’s gonna run against him in 2024???

Based on Steele’s answer, he has zero confidence any current prominent Republicans are up to the task. He says whoever it is can’t give a damn about pissing off Trump … and, as he sees it, they’re all too afraid.

As for how 45’s current term in office is going to end, there are plenty of wild predictions … though, they seem more plausible each. day. However, Steele says you can bank on a couple things Trump absolutely won’t do.

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