Michelle Heaton’s father-in-law confronted her over alcohol two years before she went to rehab

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After surviving a horrific three-year battle with alcohol and drug addiction, Michelle Heaton has admitted that her father-in-law confronted her about it two years ago.

Michelle, who recently celebrated 100 days of being sober, has been married to businessman Hugh Hanley since 2010. She told new! that the pair plan to visit his family in Ireland soon as he hasn't seen his parents since 2019.

The Liberty X singer added: "His dad actually said to me two years ago I was an alcoholic. He pulled me into the kitchen in Dublin. But he said it to Hugh first a while before. He said, 'You’re an alcoholic, Michelle, and you need to get help.'"

She continued: "My wonderful Mum also tried to tell me many times but as an addict I just didn’t listen.

"I remember him [Hugh’s dad] saying it and I adore his mum and dad, and his whole family. I was heartbroken that my husband’s dad had to tell me something I already knew.

"It was heart-wrenching and I heard it and I took it in, but I couldn’t start the process even then. Now, I’m just so thankful I got the help I needed."

In her interview with new!, Michelle also explained the details of her battle with alcoholism, saying: “It was exhausting. I couldn’t stop and I was fighting it but still drinking, and I was being sick. I was very ill.”

Thankfully, Michelle is now getting the help she needs, but she's the first to admit she’s lucky to be here. The therapists who helped her revealed her abuse of her body had left her potentially days from death.

After hitting rock-bottom in April, the 42-year-old spent four weeks in the Priory clinic and she is now using the tools she was given there to help her recover “one day at a time”.

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“I didn’t think I deserved anything. I think that’s the thing with addiction, you don’t feel worthy of anything," she explained.

Through it all, she's had her hubby Hugh by her side. The pair married in the Bahamas in 2010 after Michelle's divorce from singer Andy Scott-Lee.

She added that “everything would have fallen apart without him.” The pair share two children Faith, nine, and AJ, seven.

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