Molly-Mae Hague furiously fires back at fan who claims she’s faking illness after painful surgery

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Molly-Mae Hague has hit back at one of her Instagram followers after they wrote a blunt comment claiming the former Love Island star was faking her illness after a painful surgery.

The 22 year old star has confided in her fans after she was left suffering intense pain from an operation to get a lump on her finger removed.

Molly-Mae, who recently became Pretty Little Thing's creative director, took to her YouTube channel to share an update about how she was feeling, and admitted she was struggling in agony.

The social media beauty also revealed had a lump removed from her breast during the same operation.

Following a hair tutorial, the star explained: "My finger is killing me, I'm not going to lie.

"It's pathetic, I know it looks like a plaster but underneath here I have stitches all the way down so whenever I move my finger I'm like, 'ow'.

"But I need to stop going on about it because I'm not actually looking for sympathy.

"I'm literally just telling you guys what's going on right now," Molly-Mae added.

But following scepticism from a troll, the poorly fashion model couldn't hide her frustration and it wasn't long before she returned to clear things up.

"Obviously I've been having so many things wrong with me like over the last six months that I actually saw someone DM last night saying they think I have Munchausen's," she shared. "No comments can get to me right.

"But Munchausen's if I remember correctly is a condition where you basically make up illnesses you have and you make up things that are wrong with you or convince yourself into believing your ill that much that you actually become ill.

"And someone DMed saying I have that. I was like, 'what?' People actually believe [that]."

Continuing her angry tirade, Molly-Mae asked her followers how they could believe she would make up so many issues.

"How could I make up the fact I have a lump in my boob and a lump in my finger and I had a mole that was potentially cancerous a few months ago and I have endometriosis?" she demanded. "These are not things I can make up.

"Trust me, if I couldn't have these things I really, really wish I didn't have them."

The reality favourite, who still managed to spend some time with boyfriend Tommy Fury during her op recovery, admitted she didn't "know" why she was ranting, but receiving nasty messages had upset her while she's still trying to recover.

"It really got to me last night because I was like, 'how could somebody be thinking I'm making this up?'" she asked sadly.

It comes as Molly-Mae posted a smiling snap from her hospital bed last month as she told her fans she'd had a successful op to remove both lumps, but was still cradling her beloved toy elephant Ellie Belly.

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