New Video of Nashville Explosion from Nearby Business, Exterior Shots

3:16 PM PT — The full scope of the Nashville explosion can now be seen from both inside and out — because new footage has emerged that depicts a straight-on shot of the moment the RV went up in flames … all while people, including cops, were in close proximity.

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Check out this video that’s circulating on Facebook right now — which shows officers on the scene trying to evacuate the area. Word is that at least 4 cops were on the ground telling people to steer clear and to head back inside for cover, and very likely saved lives.

The street appeared to be blocked off as police investigated the suspicious RV, which was blaring an evacuation alarm of its own for several minutes. As they attempted to figure out what was going on, the RV blew up and scorched the surrounding area.

Another video apparently shows someone who was walking their dog right before the explosion — captured from nearby surveillance video — and a cop who approaches them to ward them off. They’re both caught in the blast, but neither appeared to be seriously hurt.

You can also hear the raw blast for the first time here — it sounds like something out of a movie (in a bad way).

The Nashville explosion that rocked downtown sent shards of glass and rubble flying all about in neighboring businesses — including this one … which was just a few short yards away from the blast.

TMZ has obtained new video captured from inside a sports bar named Buffalo’s — which sits at 2nd Ave and Commerce Street … literally right down the block from where the RV in question blew up in a ball of fire. It’s clear from this clip — the impact was absolutely immense.

The security footage from inside shows 4 different angles from within the building — all of which documented the moment shock waves from the explosion came roaring through their building early Christmas morning … sending window fragments and debris in every direction.

The apparent bombing seems to have been orchestrated to go down in the wee hours — right before 6:30 AM, based on what we’re seeing here — which is fortunate for the Buffalo’s team … because it doesn’t look like anyone was inside yet. If they were, they would’ve almost certainly been seriously injured, or possibly killed by the explosion or flying debris.

Of course, there are reports of 3 injuries — but, thankfully, none of them critical. Law enforcement has identified one person of interest, and agents are at his home now investigating … but so far, nobody is in custody. It’s likely the suspected bomber is dead.

As for Buffalo’s … they’re especially in need of some help right now. Not only were they struck hard by the pandemic and new COVID measures in Davidson County, but their staffers have also been affected by natural disasters from earlier this year — and now, this mess.

They got a GoFundMe set up to help hold over hourly employees’ living expenses as upper management figures out the next steps. Any and every little bit helps, we’re sure.

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