Open Post: Here’s a live stream of QEII’s London procession

Sorry it didn’t occur to me to do this earlier – here’s an open post for today’s funeral procession in London. Prince Harry, Prince William, Princess Anne and King Charles III will walk behind Queen Elizabeth II’s casket, all the way to Westminster Hall. QEII will lie in state there before her funeral on Monday. All of the royals are attending this except for the children. Here’s a Sky News live stream.

I imagine this will be haunting for both William and Harry, walking behind another beloved figure’s casket, in view of the world, both grieving. The difference now is that they’re both men and they’ve both taken very different things from their mother’s life and legacy, just as they’re taking different things from their grandmother’s life and legacy.

Anyway, the Brits do pomp so well.

The lingering closeups of Prince Harry though…

— robybette (@robybette) September 14, 2022

Photos courtesy of Avalon Red, Cover Images.

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