Open Post: Hosted By Courteney Cox's Dress From The 90's

Courteney Cox’s iconic 90s wardrobe doesn’t just live on in our hearts and minds. Apparently at least one item, a purple slip dress with a lace overlay, has been knocking around in the back of Courteney’s closet this whole time. Much to the delight of many, either Cournteney or her 15-year-old daughter Coco Arquette must have pulled it out from under a mountain of chunky Steve Madden clogs. Court posted a picture of Coco wearing the same purple dress her mom wore to the 1998 premiere of Snake Eyes starring Nicolas Cage, who at the time was still married to his first of 4 wives Patricia Arquette. Oh how times have changed.

With the exception of a little fading, the dress looks to be in perfect condition.

If Courteney really wanted to do the world a favor, she’d make Coco In My Clothes a regular feature on her Instagram. I’d love to see what other treasures she’s kept tucked away in her closet. Maybe she could get Aunt Lisa and Aunt Jennifer to help out too. I’m sure their closets are all practically busting with maxi floral prairie dresses with spaghetti straps.

Here’s Court and then husband (and Coco’s pops) David Arquette at that premiere.

Who would have thought that out of these two outfits, Courteney’s would be the one we’re still talking about 21 years later? How is it possible that we, as a nation, haven’t been having a vigorous and sustained conversation about David’s red vinyl Kangol? I wonder if he kept it. If anybody could pull it off, I bet it’d be Coco.


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