Perrie Edwards Snubbed by Boys as Teen Because She Wouldn’t Kiss Them

The Little Mix member talks about her high school years, claiming she was nicknamed ‘Virgin Lips’ by the boys because she’d not been kissed at 15 years old.

AceShowbizPerrie Edwards was nicknamed “Virgin Lips” at school because, at 15 years old, she’d not been kissed.

The Little Mix singer admitted she was snubbed by the boys in her class because she’d never been kissed and they used to warn one another not to go on a date with her as they wouldn’t get much physical affection from her.

Speaking on “The Rebecca Judd Show” on Apple Music, she said, “I was like 15, and I’d never kissed anybody before, and I kept saying to my friends, ‘We’re leaving school this year, and prom is this year, and I’ve not even kissed anybody yet.’ “

“I used to get called ‘Virgin Lips’ at school…”

“So many boys used to break up with me because they used to tell each other ‘Don’t get with her, she won’t even kiss you or anything, she’ll only hold your hand.’ “

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The 27-year-old beauty – who is in a relationship with soccer ace Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and previously dated Zayn Malik – can still remember her “magical” first kiss.

She continued, “Yeah I was so shy, and I went on a date with this guy called Connor Robinson, and we met each other and went to the beach, because in South Shields we have a lovely beach, and went there and got hot chocolate…”

“We walked along the beach and sat and looked at the stars and it was romantic and then I had my first kiss and I was like ‘oh my god!’ and then he walked me back and I went home and that was it, but I remember it being so magical, I loved it.”

Her bandmate Jade Thirlwall – who is dating Jordan Stephens – admitted her own first kiss felt like “something out of a movie” because it took place at a music festival.

She recalled, “So I went to a festival at Newcastle when I was younger, and Dizzee Rascal was headlining, and I had like one of my first neck ons (kisses) with someone while Dizzee Rascal was performing…”

“I think he was doing ‘Bonkers’ and it was raining and it was like something out of a – well, in my head at the time as a 14 year old, it was like something out of a movie.”

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