Prince Harry ‘radiates sadness’ as royal expert predicts ‘thoroughly miserable’ life

Royal biographer Hugo Vickers claims thatPrince Harryhas looked “thoroughly miserable” since stepping down from royal duties.

Hugo has penned a number of books including biographies of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, and Wallis Simpson, the late Duchess of Windsor.

He claims both Harry and Edward VIII, later the Duke of Windsor, “seemed to radiate sadness” after stepping down from royal duties andcutting ties with members of the royal family.

The Duke andDuchess of Sussexstepped down from being working royals in 2020. A move that many felt was reminiscent of King Edward VIIIabdicating the throne in 1936in order to marry American divorcee Wallis Simpson.

Following his abdication, Edward became Duke of Windsor, and his brother George VI, the father of the lateQueen Elizabeth II, ascended to the throne.

Hugo discussed the similarities between the Duke of Windsor and the Duke of Sussex in a speech at Henley Literary Festival, as reported byThe Times.

He said: “I think the reason the Queen always had such sparkling eyes was because she dedicated herself to duty.”

The biographer then suggested that Edward VIII “took the path of perceived happiness” by choosing to abdicate, but “in the end it's duty that makes you happy.”

Hugo continued: “If you woke him up at 4am and asked if he had any regrets he would have said no. But if you want to know what he really thought, look at his eyes.”

He then argued that like his great-great uncle before him, Harry has also appeared unhappy after giving up life as a working royal.

He said: “As for the Duke of Sussex, who knows what's going to happen to him? I think he looks thoroughly miserable.”

However, royal biographer Valentine Low may disagree with Hugo’s assessment of the Sussexes.

In his new book Courtiers: The Hidden Power Behind the Crown, Valentine suggests that the Prince was deeply unhappy in royal life and that Meghandid him a ”great kindness”by giving him an out.

Valentine writes: “There is a part of me that thinks Meghan did Harry the greatest kindness anyone could do to him, which was to take him out of the royal family, because he was just desperately unhappy in the last couple of years in his working life.

“We knew he was unhappy, but we didn’t really know what the solution would be. She came along and found the solution.”


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