Prince William Has A Very Fancy Nickname For Princess Charlotte

Oi, don’t even fink of giving me no bloody nickname other than Future Lil’ King or William Who?, or I’ll have you tossed out on your bubble and squeak.” I don’t know if that’s what Prince George thought, but you can’t tell me for sure that he didn’t. His sister Princess Charlotte, on the other hand, does have a little nickname, which was recently revealed by Prince William.

Earlier this week we got a peek inside Duchess Kate’s garden, which sounds naughty, but was in fact, very very boring. Kate and William brought their three kids to the garden she designed for the Chelsea Flower Show, and Kensington Palace tweeted a little video of them frolicking in nature. At one point (around the 0:14 mark in the video below), William asks Princess Charlotte to push him on a swing. But People points out, he doesn’t say “Charlotte,” but “Mignonette.” He says it pretty quickly, and it kind of sounds like he calls her “Mayonnaise“, but People assures us it’s Mignonette.

Mignonette is derived from the French word mignon, which can mean small, sweet, delicate, or cute. While older French definitions say that mignon means dainty, pleasing, gentle, and kind. Personally, it makes me think of that delicious oniony wine sauce you put on oysters, and anything that reminds me of buck-a-shuck can’t be bad.

I can’t think of a nickname any more fitting for a princess. It’s French, and nothing says fancy little princess like “pardon moi, but the G is silent.” I look forward to hearing the nickname Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry drop on Archie. They’re just so regular and non-royal and down-to-earth, so it won’t something snooty and French like Mignonette. No, they’re going to end up flipping a shilling to decide between “Champ” or “Sport.


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