Queen Elizabeth received thousands of letters of ‘support’ after the Sussexes’ interview

It’s increasingly become a mind-bending experience to try to sort through the British media’s reactions and the Windsors’ reactions to everything about the Sussexes. Prince Harry and Meghan have clearly positioned themselves as victims of a rabid, racist press and a structurally incompetent and uncaring monarchy. And the British media’s reaction has been to treat Harry and Meghan like they’re the aggressors, like they’re the ones “victimizing” the poor white royals in their palaces and castles. And once again, I have to ask, why are British people *allowing* that to happen? It’s how I felt with the Piers Morgan sh-t too – Piers was enabled by the fact that he actually had a wide swatch of support from viewers and sponsors. The Windsors positioning themselves as “victims” of Harry and Meghan also seems to have the same kind of support from British people and from the British media. It’s INSANE. We’re supposed to feel bad for the Windsors because Meghan spoke about how traumatized and suicidal SHE felt. I guess that’s why thousands of people on Bitter Isle have been sending letters of support to the Queen.

The Queen has been deluged with hundreds of letters of support and encouragement in the wake of the Meghan and Harry interview, The Mail on Sunday has learned. Every day, sacks full of post are delivered to Windsor Castle where the Queen has been in lockdown with the Duke of Edinburgh since his release from hospital. The cards, gifts and letters are said to be a source of great comfort to the Monarch after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused the Royal Family of racism.

A source said the Queen has been ‘pleased’ to receive messages of support at what has proved to be a difficult time for the family. The Queen’s 83-year-old lady- in-waiting Dame Mary Morrison replies to every letter, with the help of other Palace aides, including fellow ladies-in-waiting. Some responses are said to be deeply personal, with Dame Mary thanking correspondents for their ‘loyal support’, adding that the Queen appreciates the good wishes and ‘kindness’ shown towards the Royal Family ‘at this time’.

A source said: ‘We have seen a spike in correspondence after the interview in the same way that it might spike after any other event.’

[From The Daily Mail]

“The cards, gifts and letters are said to be a source of great comfort to the Monarch after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex accused the Royal Family of racism.” I told you it was a mind-bending exercise. I mean, I accept the fact that older British people find comfort in the Queen, or perhaps enjoy the pageantry of it all, who knows. There’s probably a comparison between this and the many Americans who are just incapable of acknowledging and addressing institutional racism and institutional bias. But it just seems like a g–damn cult. And here’s the other thing: the people writing those letters are not young. Every demographic breakdown of “reactions to the Sussexes” has younger people supporting Harry and Meghan and acknowledging inequality and structural, baked-in racism and colonialism in British institutions and the royal family. It’s the older people who can’t or won’t understand so they act like the Queen is the “victim.” What happens when those older folks die out?

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