‘Queer Eye’s Tan France Reveals He Almost Attempted Suicide By Driving Off A Bridge

Before he upturned wardrobes on ‘Queer Eye,’ Tan France worked three jobs and landed in a dark mental state that made him want to ‘end’ it all. The Netflix star detailed one especially scary night in his new memoir.

Tan France, 36, has an impressive resume behind him: three seasons starring on the Netflix show Queer Eye, 2.5 million Instagram followers, and a memoir that’ll hit bookshelves on June 4. But in this aforementioned memoir, Naturally Tan, the fashion expert revealed that he considered ending his life before landing a spot among the “Fab Five.” Years ago, Tan was juggling three jobs in Utah. “The truth is, I was starting to feel depressed, which I had never felt before,” Tan confessed in his memoir, according to Radar Online. “I had been blue, but this was different.” By then, Tan was already married to his husband, Rob France, and yet he admitted to still feeling “miserable.”

“For a month, all I wanted was to end it,” Tan wrote in his book, and he almost followed through with this thought one night. He called it “one of the worst days,” as he phoned his husband while driving home and told him, “I want to drive off this bridge, and I need you to talk me out of it.” Fortunately, Rob did just that — and Tan admitted in his memoir than he put “self-imposed pressure” on himself.

Tan has gone on to live an incredible life, as his Instagram page is filled with famous faces like Alexa Chung, Jammela Jamil, Taron Egerton and, of course, the other four members of the “Fab Five” — Antoni Porowski, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown and Bobby Berk! They have formed an incredible support system. “They’ve become my very best friends. I mean, if you see our social media, you know that you can’t fake that sh*t!” Tan EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife in June 2018, at the launch party for Travelpro’s Platinum Elite Collection.

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Fast forward months later — Netflix premiered Season 3 of Queer Eye on March 15, and Tan and his co-stars even ventured outside the U.S. for the miniseries Queer Eye: We’re in Japan! 

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